Dr. Huali Wang is Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry, executive director of Dementia Care and Research Center at Peking University Institute of Mental Health. She is the Vice President of Chinese Society of Geriatric Psychiatry. She set up the first dementia caregiver support group in China in 2000, developed and tested a community-based family caregiver support program in Beijing, and developed the concept of dementia continuum care and implements the concept in community-based dementia care. Dr. Wang leads the national initiative to implement social prescribing to promote older adults’ mental well-being in China (2021-2025). She has joined the panel of WHO iSupport and working group of the WHO priority setting exercise on dementia research, participated in the advisory board of WHO West Pacific Regional Office to develop the toolkit for community-based dementia care in low and middle-income countries, been designated by the National Health Commission as the WHO Global Dementia Observatory Focal Point for China, and drafted the National Geriatric Mental Health Plan which was one the key elements of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Health Aging.


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